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24 April 2006

feeling at home

Visited Glenrothes Salvation Army Church yesterday for their morning worship. Regular readers of this blog will know we've been feeling unsettled at Perth due to not being free to worship as we need to amongst other problems. These have mainly centered around the distance we live from the Corps - 25 miles! This has really hampered the involvement that we feel we need to be giving. So travelled down to Glenrothes - its about a mile closer to us really. Beautiful roads to travel on - really experienced God's handiwork on the way to worship him corporately. And what a welcome when we got there. A few of the people there knew us but everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Not in our faces but just right. They even took Kathryn out with all the rest of the kids for a creche during the sermon. We didn't know what to do with ourselves!!! Not only were we sitting together in worship, but just as the two of us! And God really used the whole worship experience to confirm to us this is where we need to be worshipping him in Church. So, after being away next weekend at Roots, it looks like our home for corporate worship will be Glenrothes. Thanks to God for his clarification and guidance.



reverendmavis said...

I'm glad you've found a 'home'. Sound's like things are really on the move for you guys at the moment!


Chris said...

...and, of course, the officers at Glenrothes are fantastic! You forgot to mention that bit.

No, seriously though, it was good to see you on Sunday. Enjoy Roots.