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06 August 2008

Isaiah 55

Last Sunday, it was my privilege to share the Word of God at our home Corps of Glenrothes Salvation Army. We love being able to preach/lead worship wherever, but theres something special about sharing with your own folk. Anyway, I was led by an email devotional to turn to Isaiah 55 so I did! Its an amazing chapter and I found myself preparing a step by step (expositional if you want a big word) guide to the chapter. It seemed to go down well and opened up a couple of great conversations afterwards which is even better.

So, I'm pleased to be able to share a number of things with you. There's the sermon text which I mostly stuck to but did stray from a few times then the audio recording to listen to the sermon. Near the start, I refer to a junk mail envelope which was shown on the screens so have shared that picture with you too. Also, for the response time, i used a video of Chris Tomlin's version of Amazing Grace that was a spin off from the recent film of the same name. I've given you the link to the You Tube file of this film.

So, enjoy and be blessed/challenged by these resources. Would love to hear any comments from you about them.

Isaiah 55 ... DOC
Isaiah 55 ... MP3
Envelope ... JPG
Amazing Grace Link


Marta Ager said...

Thank you. Read and listened to your blog for my devotionals. Good!

caldjr said...

Wow Marta - a 20 minute devotional time! Very impressed. Thanks for your support and encouragement