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27 July 2008

Blog Roll update

Its been ages since I sorted the list of blogs detailed over on the right of this blog. My list of reading in Google Reader has changed many times and yet I haven't updated my links so sorry about that. As a result, this seems like a radical change but reflects about 6 months worth of changes!!

Anyway, first and foremost, some people have to go. So taking their leave are:

Olwyn Mathie (Olly is a good friend but signed off from blogging a while back)
Matt Little (Matt seems to have stopped blogging - haven't heard from him in ages)
Anita Parker (Similarly, I've only seen updates from Anita over on Facebook!)
The Garnhams (Sad one this as you know that Nicola Garnham is now with God. The blog was set up to cover her time of ill health and has now ceased.)
Kevin Avis (Not a lot of updates lately)

Right, thats the sad bit - now for the numerous additions:

Adam Howie
Friend and artist from Edinburgh Gorgie SA. He does some great art work and there are links on his blog to various sites where you can purchase his work - please support this lovely Christian guy.
Sam Davies
Sam is a fellow Officership applicant and worships at Peterhead SA. C-A has known Sam for a longtime and i met Sam a few months back and was encouraged by her passion for Jesus.
John and Marta Ager
Where do I start! I only know John and Marta through the internet but they are Commanding Officers of The Salvation Army in Gainsborough. We have become good friends and I am pleased to have been able to share many good online conversations with them. They have a lot of blogs! John has one for Messages (Sermons etc); one for Officer thoughts; one for random stuff; and one called Two Mugs - kind of speaks for itself! Marta has three: Vineyard; Harvest and Vintage - all relating to different stages of faith. All their blogs are well worth a look.
Jonathan Blundell
Came to know JD through Thomas Mathie. JD is over in Dallas Texas and amongst other things, is part of "Encounter" (see web links for this one!). Been really blessed by his comments so check them out for yourself.
Judy Schultz
Just recently 'met' Judy via Plurk (If you don't know what Plurk is then check the weblinks!) Anyway, Judy and her husband Nigel are SA development officers in the Barking area of Essex. She has a great wealth of experience and seems a great laugh to boot.

Thats it for the blog updates. A few changes made to the web links so have a look there too please. Thanks for checking by.


Jonathan Blundell said...

Thanks for the link! I spose I need to get around to updating all my Sally friends over in the UK.


Johnny said...

Phew! I stayed in by the skin of my teeth! ;-)

caldjr said...

:) You're welcome anytime Johnny!!