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02 June 2008

What drives you?

Yesterday, Carol-Anne, Kathryn, Hannah and I headed off to the picturesque village of Meigle which is kind of between Perth and Dundee. Our destination - the Belmont Centre. Our mission - to take up the invitation kindly offered by Captains Matthew & Debbie Bennett (Peterhead SA) to lead worship at their Youth Group retreat. The group - "Driven" - meets every Sunday after the evening meeting for a time of Praise, Worship and Teaching. To be invited to share with them was a great privilege and one we took up without question. The Belmont Centre is an outdoor residential centre that, for those who know, looks very much like the Youth bit of Sunbury Court with its wooden huts and beautiful surroundings. I have to say that the surroundings were much nicer in Meigle as its so remote, it only just gets a mobile signal - a bit different to just off the M3!

So, in glorious sunshine, we shared in worship with this great group of teenagers and leaders. It was a bit like a "Catch the Fire" event in that we didn't have a formal plan - just a list of possible songs, some Bible Readings, thoughts, talks and some multimedia. There was about 15 of us there and we had a fantastic time - the privilege of the invitation became a privilege of situation, as God really blessed us all as we praised His name and heard from His Word. During one quiet moment, we unexpectedly shared an Elijah-type moment when the only sound we could here was a gentle breeze blowing through the trees - a real blessing.

We enjoyed ourselves so much, we have provisionally accepted an invitation to go to Peterhead to lead a whole weekend there. We also thought it would be nice to share the resources with you in a Catch the Fire style way! Some of the videos used are already available over in the resources box on the Catch the Fire blog and others will appear there later in the week as we're using them this Thursday! But below are links for the talk notes, and an audio recording of a couple of bits from the worship time. This includes a talk from Carol-Anne on our value to God; a Bible Reading from Isaiah 26:1-4, then a two part talk by me on "What drives You". Its an ambient recording so is not really clear but is there none the less. Please feel free to download, listen and use the resources as you see fit. I'll let you know when the new videos are over on the CtF blog.

Sermon Notes : What drives You (word doc)
Recording of talks and readings (MP3 file)

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Laura Amy said...

On retreat with Driven? You must be a brave, brave man ;)