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11 June 2008

The road to WBC ... continued

photo credit:U02CDH

Last Tuesday (was it really over a week ago?!), we headed to The Salvation Army's East Scotland Divisional headquarters in Edinburgh for our latest Candidates Interview in our process to return to training for full time service (officership) in TSA. This interview was being chaired by the man what knows - the Territorial Candidates Officer(TCO) for the UK Salvation Army.

Its fair to say we were a bit apprehensive in the run up to the interview. The TCO was new in post since our last interview of this type, and we didn't know whether he would want to cover old ground again or take the word of the previous TCO that things could move on. Would we once again have to trawl through all the stuff that has been dealt with on human and Spiritual levels.

Well, fears were unfounded. Whilst the TCO did ask some background questions to put a few things in perspective, we mainly focused on moving forwards. There are still a few things to get through including another procedural change in the road to Training College and an assessment conference, but compared to what we have gone through so far, these do not pose a problem to us.

We were told that we have the support of the Candidates Unit. That was so good to hear. This goes on top of the Divisional support we have long experienced, and the support and friendship of our Corps and especially our Corps Officers. All this is a real blessing to us.

So what's next? Well we continue to work through a document called "Towards Officership" which involves various practical and essay work, and we continue to lead meetings around various Corps. Also, we wait to hear when our assessment conference is and what else we have to do in order to work towards the latest estimate of entering college in 2009.

We know there are people out there, possibly even reading this blog, who struggle with the fact we are reapplying for Officership. We also know that we cannot say anything that will change these peoples minds. But we just want to say one thing - please do not judge us on the past - judge us on the fruit of our ministry. Thank you.


Louise said...

Thinking of you all at this time.

Gillian & Reg said...

You both have a God-given gift for ministry and are a wonderful family unit. We pray for you all at The Church in the Hall. Gillian and Reg

Toddy Lives On said...

The enemy hates you because he knows God called you into ministry.
Both of you messed up, but we worship a God who uses failers for crying out load>

No weapon forged against you shall prevail, you will gain the victories for Jesus and never mind what others say.... God Wants You Both to do a task only you can do..

Go forth without fear, there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus...

We Know we've been there & God uses us..

We're praying for you.... Steve-O