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27 February 2008

The Greatest Adventure

Carol-Anne and I have been greatly blessed by the support of Commissioners Keith and Pauline Banks. For those who don't know, until December when they retired, Keith and Pauline were the Territorial Commanders Representatives in Scotland. They have had a lifetime of service as Salvation Army Officers which has taken them around the world and back again. They have a wonderful passion for God and The Salvation Army, and a great gift for music - Keith has many songs still in The Salvation Army Song Book and Pauline has a lovely voice. Sadly, ill health has taken over Pauline's life in recent years to the extent that she is more or less confined to the house now and Keith spends most of his time caring for her. They really are a lovely couple and, as I say, have followed our progress with interest and great support. They also officiated at the official opening of The Furniture Project a couple of years ago and we were privileged to spend a great evening with them over lovely food.

Anyway, why am I telling you this... Well, they have produced a CD which will raise funds for the work of TSA in Papua New Guinea (one of their appointments) and also a hospice which is supporting them so much just now. Heres the details from Keith himself...

To our many friends....
Just to let you know that Pauline and I have made a CD. It is called 'The Greatest Adventure'. It features my songs and poetry with Pauline signing (as best she could) and me reading. They are selling for ten pounds (including postage and packing) to raise funds for the Army in PNG and the Ayrshire Hospice which is such a support to Pauline and me. If you could spread the word, that would be really appreciated.
I think the strength of this CD will be in its weakness. It was a big struggle for Pauline, but she did it!. It's the fulfilment of a lifelong dream. We have done it with the prayer that it will have a Kingdom impact. I hope to get some publicity out soon, but thought I would send you this early notification so that you might spread the word for us. Thanks
Love from us
Keith and Pauline.

So, even though I haven't heard it yet and I'm definitely not on commission, I am pleased to be able to use this blog to advertise this CD as requested. As Keith mentions, publicity will be out soon but you can get him at kandp@uwclub.net

Please do what you can to support these Godly people. Thanks.

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