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06 August 2007

general update

What a weekend we've had! The tale kinda starts at work on Friday when we had a non-stop-manic-yet-still-just-in-control day. It was so mad that the place was a real state so I had a fit of managerial conscience and stayed on an extra hour and a quarter to tidy and sort. My colleague was in on the Saturday and I just didn't feel I could leave the place looking like it did. Left at 5:15 a tad happier but a great deal more wrecked.

Enjoyed a bit of play time with Kathryn before she went to bed, then enjoyed a good chill out night with Carol-Anne. Chill out spurred on by a celebratory take away as Lloyds TSB had agreed to refund our unlawful (although they didn't use that word) bank charges from the past 6 years - hoorah!!!

So to Saturday and more family chillin'. Also took the chance to get the grass cut - a necessity but always satisfying when its done. Then, after watching a highly contentious end to the F1 qualifying, we headed off to Falkirk to the Salvation Army East/West Scotland Divisions Summer School Final Festival. A few friends were there as either students or staff, and 8 youngsters from Glenrothes SA went as students too - some of them for the first time and some even with no true personal experience of Jesus.

Was great to see the guys beforehand and was updated by Thomas (who went as staff) about how some of them had got on especially one guy - Callum - who has really found Jesus this week - praise God! Hold him in your prayers please.

The festival was a great showcase of the talents God has equipped our young people with and His Name was glorified throughout. It was great to witness and I congratulate all those involved in festival and the whole week.

Headed home and hit a snag - we'd lost teddy. Came to the conclusion he was in a small play area that Kathryn was in after the festival. Ooops. (update - we've since spoken to Falkirk Town Hall and they've got teddy. He's now in the hands of Falkirk Salvation Army before being returned to us at a Divisional event this Thursday!)

So to Sunday - suddenly we've completely blown apart the concept of a day of rest! We were first to head to Edinburgh where we were leading worship at Edinburgh City Salvation Army. After finally getting to our destination (half of Edinburgh closed for the festival!), we enjoyed a great time of worship with friends there. The sermon podcast will appear on Council of War shortly. Was slightly taken aback by the presence of a retired SA officer who was my Divisional Youth Secretary when I was 7, and also some friends from London South East Division of TSA who were up in Edinburgh on holiday! Spoke on the need to witness through every aspect of our lives and once again enjoyed the privilege of sharing Gods Word in this way.

Next stop - Pittenweem - a lovely village/town (not sure which) on the East Fife coast. Glenrothes band were playing there at 3pm for a united Churches event. We were in plenty of time so planned to stop for something to eat on the way. Journey should have taken about 1hr. After 1 hour, we were still in Edinburgh. Traffic was horrendous. After an hour and 20, we reached the Forth Bridge so quickly stopped at Tescos (other supermarkets are available) to grab a sandwich and quickly head on to Pittenweem - which we reached just in time!

Sadly the great Scottish summer put pay to Plan A which was that we played in the Manse garden. So into a tiny church we crammed and enjoyed a great songs of praise style event before being filled up with a great buffet prepared for us by the church folk - bless 'em.

After a brief rest, we headed back down the coast a few miles to another lovely town - Elie. A similar event was planned and again, we were forced indoors to a slightly larger and warmer church. Warmer was not necessarily good as we were all beginning to struggle and after playing for 12 more songs plus playing a couple of pieces, we were all ready for a cold drink by the end!

We finally headed home for a well earned rest! It was a good day even though we were very busy. God was given the glory throughout. The evening was marred slightly by finding out from my mum that Canterbury was basking in very high temperatures and glorious sunshine. If its not nice when we go down in a few weeks, there'll be trouble!!

So it was back to work today and the start of a steady week. Not much on apart from a Divisional Welcome meeting on Thursday in Edinburgh - Youth Chorus are singing. Perhaps a chance this week to catch up on some stuff!!

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