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01 July 2007


Well I have succommed to pressure and gone and set me up on Facebook. If i've asked you to be my friend, please say yes! If I haven't asked you, don't be offended - I probably haven't found you yet! save me the hassle and find me if you want!! I'll say yes - I promise!

Should add that I agree with Thomas that Facebook is incredibly addictive and the fact that i should be doing prep for this Thursday's Catch the Fire is evidence to this addictiveness. As if the last thing (that I haven't blogged on yet) that I was sucked into wasn't enough. Stumble Upon, for those who haven't stumbled upon it yet, is scarily addictive and distracting. But hey, it has given me some great thoughts and games so there's always an up side!!!

1 comment:

John said...

once you start you just can't stop! ;-)