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21 July 2007

Kathryn turns 2!

So, today was the day. It was time to party and celebrate!! Couple of things to celebrate. Firstly, our gorgeous daughter, Kathryn, turned the ripe old age of 2 on Wednesday. Secondly, this was a year to the day since we moved to Glenrothes. So we invited a few family and friends around for a BBQ. Now, a year ago, my staff from work who were helping us move were drained because of the heat. Today, they would have slipped in the rain. The party was at 1 and at 12 it was lovely as the photo above showed! Sadly, and despite many prayers, the rains came. I say despite prayers but I know it could have been a lot worse looking at news reports from around the country so we are thankful for that. As it was, we just had some very fine rain and for brief periods it stopped so can't really complain
There was a small and well used amount of cover under a couple of parasols.

But after the children had eaten their food on a picnic blanket in the lounge the weather didn't bother them so, with the added help of a gazebo that came in to my work last week, they enjoyed the bouncy castle and ball pool that Kathryn got for her 1st birthday!!

We had a fab time and it was topped off with a cake made for the occasion by a friend of the family - with Dora the Explorer of course! Kathryn did her best to blow the candle out before the cake was shared around - just a few bits left to take to Church tomorrow!

So thanks to all those who were able to come and make the day so special. We were blessed in our sharing together and I give God the praise and thanks for that.
As a footnote, Carol-Anne and I would like to add that Kathryn will not be getting a party for years to come - its just too tyring!!!!!
btw - more photos are available here

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