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29 July 2007

Catching up

Sorry - been a while. Lots going on at the mo but not much blog worthy. One thing that is worth a mention is that we had the privilege of leading worship at Glenrothes SA this morning. As our officers, Chris and Dawn, take paternity/maternity leave following the birth of their daughter Amy on Thursday, the leadership is being shared out. Chris had actually asked me, following the last Catch the Fire, to do a meeting on Holiness as we barely scratched the surface of the subject last time at CtF. So that was the theme for this morning. I've led a lot of meetings but actually really enjoyed this morning and especially enjoyed the preach - it seemed to go very well and feedback at the end was genuinely positive. One said it was a very challenging message. It was certainly that! God really worked His Power again, as the Singing Group sang "That's my Goal" (Shane Ward's hit after X-Factor 2005) and the words fitted beautifully with the theme. The chorus (with a few edits!) says:

I am here to say I'm sorry
I'm not here to lie to you
I'm here to say I'm ready
That I've finally thought it through.
I'm not here to let your love go
I'm not giving up oh no
I'm here to give you heart and soul
That's my goal.

Powerful stuff. Anyway, the podcast will be available soon through Council of War, but in the meantime, the text of the sermon can be found here.

Next Sunday - we're leading worship at Edinburgh City Salvation Army. The following week Carol-Anne's in charge at Glenrothes! Its a busy old time just now but thanks to God for His glorious provision.

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