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04 June 2007

I've been tagged

Chris has tagged me.

The rules are: grab the book closest to you. Turn to page 161. Print the 5th complete sentence on your blog. Tag 5 others.

Well, doing some prep for Catch the Fire so amongst various bits of paper and music books I have the Street Bible. So, 5th sentence on p161 is:

Some people God'll make so content, he'll satisfy; some people will get his
consent, he'll ratify: those who seek out God and it shows. Psalm 21:5

So now its over too: Gordon, Phil, Johnny, Nicola and the whole of Ashford Salvation Army!

Now, must finish my prep for Thursday!

1 comment:

John said...

I tried the tagging thing, but remarkably Page 161 of the nearest book to me is a Chapter Heading, so no 5th Sentence.

However , here's what it says: (It's from Rob Bell's new book, Sex God - Exploring the Endless Connections between Sexuality and Spirituality)