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16 May 2007

Our garden - the development continues

The tree stump has been removed as far as its going to go - about 2foot height left but it will eventually be disguised in a rockery type thing. The fruit bushy thing is behing the stump and now, the shed (which we were given about 6 months ago) has finally been put together. It really looks like a garden now - am so pleased. I've taken on some projects that I've never done before but thanks to a helpful neighbour and some personal stubborn detirmination, I've done it!!!
Also really pleased with how the main bed in the back garden is coming along. Its a mixture of herbs, fruit/veg and other plants. Most the other ones are there for temporary colour but will eventually get removed for more veg etc.
I love gardening but don't get nearly enough time to do it. There's a real satisfaction in watching something you've planted growing and even more satisfaction when you cook it and eat it.

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