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02 April 2007

What I'm up to just now!

I'm at the early stages of a very busy period! On Thursday night, we were through in Dunfermline for a Youth Chorus rehearsal. We've got a few gigs coming up so lots of stuff to rehearse. Bit of a heavy evening with loads of note bashing which as pianist I don't really like but its important for the choir. Friday evening was a Corps meal. No agenda - just the whole fellowship gathering to break bread with one another. Wasn't feeling great at the start of the evening - strained my back at work a bit but really glad I went cos it was a great evening. Saturday, Chris, Jan and I went through to Peebles for a strategy conference. More on that in a seperate post to come. It was a long day so enjoyed a good rest in the evening.

Palm Sunday worship was great - enjoyed a really good time of celebration in worship. In the afternoon we headed through to Dunfermline again, this time for a Regional worship meeting lead by the UK Salvation Army's Territorial Leaders - Commissioners John and Betty Matear. A packed hall enjoyed a good meeting together. In the evening, Chris came over for a jam session rehearsing some stuff for this coming Thursday. It was a bit bizarre standing in our lounge playing the keyboard with Chris on his guitar and C-A singing but we realised this could be labelled as a true house group!! anyway, it was a really good evening.

So came today. Woke up with a splitting headache and felt sick. Not a great start! But had to be at work as I was presenting a talk this afternoon to a local group. So loaded the car with all my gear and headed off. Got to work and C-A phoned to tell me I'd left the laptop at home. So phoned Skinnergate to borrow one. Got given this really old thing that wouldn't even start up! Got a second one which, once I'd got the password, fired up ok but didn't have powerpoint on it - not even powerpoint viewer! So, as I was getting increasingly worked up I decided to just make a mad dash home to pick up our laptop just to avoid any further messing about. Got home and back in time for the talk so that was fine. The talk was at Dunning Over 50s Monday club! Dunning is a lovely little town just outside Perth and the group were really lovely. I had an hour to fill on the Furniture Project - I'd get bored listening for that long so decided to intersperse the talk with some songs - didn't give me a rest but it changed their listening from the speaking to the singing voice. All went really well and all the hassle of the earlier part of the day was forgotten. Headed home to pick up Carol-Anne and Kathryn.

And so here I am. C-A's out with the girls from the Corps and K is asleep. Tomorrow, i present another talk, this time in the evening at Perth Kinnoul Rotary Club - could be a money spinner for the project so would appreciate your prayers on that one. As for the rest of the week, loads to come but its all good stuff. Life is good. Busy, but good!

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