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22 April 2007

Tree Felling

Been doing a bit of extreme gardening this weekend - by felling a huge tree that was at the bottom of the garden. We have the luxury of a south facing garden but when the sun is at its height, the garden is covered in the shadow of this tree!
So that was the view before I got started - see what I mean about an overpowering tree! So, with the loan of a Scorpion saw from a Church friend, ladders from a neighbour - plus the neighbour himself (!), I got cutting.
And after about 3 hours of cutting, pushing and pulling, this was the result:
Bit annoyed I couldn't get it all down in one afternoon but had a social evening at Church to go to so that obviously took priority.
So, after Church today (Sunday), I had an hour and a half to spare so got to finishing the high bits. And this is how things look now:
Just a 5 foot stump to loose but that will wait until the first week of May (after Roots) when I've got a week off. The garden looks so much better now and will be even better once the tree cuttings are removed. Most should be gone tomorrow!!
Pleased to report by the way that no fences, sheds, toys, adults or children were broken in the cutting down of this tree. Just a few cuts and scrapes and aches and pains to show for it!


Chris said...

Looks good! I think you should paint the stump and make a feature of it :) Edward suggested putting a pipe up the middle and turning it into a fountain!

Thanks for the branches - I'll pick them up as soon as possible.

CalDjr said...

er yeah - heard about this. I think 'Gold' was your suggested colour!! Intersting! :) As for a water feature, will look forward to Edward creating that one!! Meantime, I'll plod on with the raising to the ground option!

No rush for the branches. They're not in the way. I'll strip them down a bit when I get a chance!