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05 April 2007

Near disaster averted

The Rous world nearly came to a crashing end yesterday. Carol-Anne and Kathryn returned home just after I got home from work, after an afternoon of Parent & Toddlers followed by shopping and a nice walk in the gorgeous heat that we enjoyed yesterday. C-A was unpacking the buggy but couldn't find teddy. Now, we've tried other teddy's but Kathryn is very attached to this one:

So, Carol-Anne headed off to retrace steps and search shops but sadly, to no avail. All she had was a phone number from one of the stores where teddy most likely lay, to call after they'd done the cleaning. So we survived tea and Carol-Anne went off to a Bible Study with the assurance from me that all would be well. To be honest, and I know C-A knows this, I wasn't sure that all would be well but would give it a go!! At one point, Kathryn franticly searched the change bag for teddy but was distracted by a colouring book and crayons! Fickle!! Sigh of relief! Then bedtime came and I lay her down with her bottle, dolly (aka 'baby') and another teddy. All was well then came the call "teddy?". I said that she would be fine and even though she called for him a few times, without any moaning or crying, she settled herself down and eventually to sleep. A few hours later, Carol-Anne returned from Bible Study having called the earlier mentioned store. To everyone's relief, Teddy had come home (with a bit of help from Carol-Anne!). It was just in time as I was giving K some more cough medicine (bit of a hacking cough just now) and on seeing her pal, Teddy got the biggest hug ever.
Phew! All is well with the world now.

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