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14 February 2007

The Gadgets and Gizmo's are taking over!

I have fallen.

I have slipped into a world where some of my friends have already taken up residence.

I confess to you now....

...I now own 2 Moleskines and an iPod

I know, I'm sorry, what can I say. Technically I didn't buy either of the moleskines as one (the music manuscript one) was bought for me by Carol-Anne and the other (the Squared Pocket Cahier Notebook) was given to me by Thomas (aka Headphonaught) to use as a prayer journal. However, they are in my possession and I really like them!!!!

As for the iPod, well some would say it had to happen and I guess I would be in that chorus of voices! Plus its not mine - its ours (mine and C-A's)! Anyway, thanks to a great bargain on eBay, we now own a 4th generation 20Gb iPod - brand new in box!

So thats my confession done. Off to download some Glenrothes and Belshill SA Podcasts on to the iPod to lessen my guilt!!

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