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08 January 2007

Comforting Thought

Yesterday at Church, Dawn asked the congregation what their best and worst moments of 2006 were. I said my best moment was moving to Glenrothes. It was! We have been so happy since we moved here - not just to the Corps. We are in a nice house with lovely neighbours. Kathryn is really settled. The journey to work is lovely. And yes, being closely involved in the life of Glenrothes Salvation Army is great too. We can be there in 5 mins which really helps our involvement. And we have been made to feel really welcome there too.

This brings me to the point of the post. When I said my piece, there was a united cheer and little round of applause from the congregation! I was really taken aback and, whilst this may be difficult to believe, I was a tad speechless. It was just such an unexpected response. I was just speaking my mind in response to a question from the officer in a worship service. To get that response was really touching and comforting. It just proves what a lovely group of people they are at Glenrothes SA and how welcoming they are. The Corps is home from home for all of us including Kathryn - infact especially Kathryn! She has adopted so many people as child minders come gofers its untrue. Its great also that she has other children to play with in the Church. So many prayers have been answered in our hearts since moving here - I just can't praise God enough.

I know there could be tricky times ahead so the knowledge that we have such a loving supporting group of people around us at Church is a great reassurance. Thanks God.

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