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15 November 2006

We're back!

Hi - we're back! Well, we got back on Sunday night greeted by the lovely cold wet and windy weather that Glasgow airport had to offer. A bit of a shock from the 25 degrees celcius that we left! Anyway, not got much time to blog on the hols at the moment but it was great. Some photos are uploaded to Flickr - lots more to come. See them here and keep checking back over the coming days to see more. Meantime, here's a panoramic view taken from my mobile once I worked out how this feature worked!! Its the view from our hotel window. More later....

1 comment:

littlelaughalot said...

Wow...looks fantastic. Can't wait to check out the pics! Don't forget to tell us more about your holiday...any mention of nice weather and gorgeous scenery is well appreciated at this time of the year!

love Olwyn