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17 October 2006

The week ahead

Its another busy time again - well isn't it always! This Sunday sees our drought of leading worship well and truly being flooded! Sunday morning we have the privilege of leading worship and bringing Gods message to our own people in Glenrothes Salvation Army. I'm preaching on the fishing miracles in the Gospels and the challenging messages contained within their subtle differences for us even today. I'll put the text of it on here after the event. If I remember to press the right buttons, Chris has asked me to record it so he can put the sermon on Council of War afterwards. As if I haven't got enough to remember!!!!!! ;)

Anyway, after that, we head off to Blairgowrie to lead a Churches Together songs of praise style service. We've not only been asked to put the whole programme together but also to perform a couple of items as well. Carol-Anne is bringing a brief thought but don't know what on yet!

So our period of settling down seems to have come to an end. We also have our next Candidates Interview (to see if we'll be accepted back to college) booked for Nov 15th which comes just after a well earned holiday. Cannot wait for that!!

Would love to lead more services of traditional, contemporary, standard, new and 'different' - whatever style really. We're quite forward thinking people but have our feet firmly in the heritage of The Salvation Army and, more importantly, are guided to be appropriate to what God is doing in each area as much as we can. Get in touch through the blog if you want to find a gap in our diary! Be aware though that we won't be away from our church for more than one Sunday a month - committments there mean its only fair that we spend the majority of our time there. We do need to receive as well as give. Sunday nights are usually free though!!

Anyway, this isn't getting any work done let alone any prep of any kind!

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