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18 September 2006

Our Weekend

In advance of our anniversary (more on that in a later post), Carol-Anne's mum agreed to take Kathryn from us for a weekend! To celebrate, we went shopping! I know, not much of a celebration but we did have a meal as well and just enjoyed each others company even if it was just for a short time. So, on Saturday we headed off to Glasgow area and did the statutory visit to:

Had a good time and probably spent too much but also resisted spending even more so we were quite good I suppose. From there, we went on to a relatively new shopping area:

I have to say, speaking as not a huge shopping fan but one who can cope with certain situations, this shopping area is really great. A good selection of shops and places to eat and drink which was part of the reason for going there. After shopping, we wandered to one end of the retail park to the holy grail of eating establishments:

So glad to see Nando's in Scotland. It was the first place Carol-Anne and I went for a meal together in the exotic location of Elephant and Castle! Always visit Nando's when visiting my mum in Canterbury as they have a branch there but now its only 40 miles away! And, on chatting with the manager, we find out that another 12 Nando's are planned for Scotland including one in Fife within 6 months! How great is that?!!!!

So we shopped, we ate, then we returned home for a peaceful night without Kathryn. Don't get me wrong, we missed her like crazy but it was nice to have some 'us' time.

Confused them at Church on Sunday when we turned up without Kathryn! Told them she was at home getting the dinner on!! More about Church in another post.

Anyway, Kathryn was returned to us around 4pm Sunday which was great as I was ready for her to come back - missing my little girl. Normal service was resumed at half 3 this morning! Good to have her back with us though!

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