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21 September 2006

the coming week

Taking a few moments for myself on my day off today and amongst other things, have managed to get the broadband working here at home! Okay its not world peace (which would be appropriate on today as its world peace day) but rightly or wrongly, its important to us to keep connected.

Anyway, its gives me a chance to say that the blog may go quiet for a week and a bit. Here's a snapshot of the diary for the time ahead:

today - day off (yippee!)
tomorrow - work; normal family evening (whatever normal is)
saturday - work; family evening
Sunday - at Fife area united worship in Kirkcaldy with International Staff Songsters (UK Salvation Army choir)
seems ok so far doesn't it - read on.
Monday - work (8-4); Salvation Army Annual Appeal collecting in the evening.
Tuesday - First Aid Course (9-5); Youth Club or collecting in the evening
Wednesday - First Aid Course; collecting in the evening
Thursday - First Aid Course; Youth Chorus practice at Gorgie in the evening
Friday - First Aid Course; an evening off!!
Saturday - 9:30am for whole morning: very important event that I can't tell you about yet but could lead to changes.
Bit of a mad week. Also, sometime between now and next saturday, i have to do some studying and prep for this important event. will reveal all at a later date but its not appropriate to share at this time. All I will say is that if you could pray for that morning I'd be grateful - God will know what you're talking about.
So if you don't hear much from me over the next week, I'm sorry - God willing I am ok - just a bit manic!

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