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07 August 2006

Our weekend

Went to a friends wedding on Saturday in Edzel - a cute little town on the way up to Aberdeen. Had a great day - we were official babysitters to the son of the bride and groom! Logan is 4 months younger than Kathryn and goes to the same nursery. They really enjoy each others company so it was great for them to spend time together away from Nursery. We even looked after Logan on the Saturday night before returning him to his rightful owners on Sunday at a family barbeque. So we say congratulations to Marissa and Trevor as they embark on married life. The evening entertainment was a mixture of stuff but mainly featured a local ceilidh band, who actually describe themselves as a Celtic Rock Band, by the name of Laverock. They were really good so I thought I'd give them a plug here. So if you're in this area and in need of a good ceilidh band, get in touch with the guys. I even got their CD which is great listening. You can find them at http://www.laverock.net

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