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16 August 2006

Mini thought for the day

If you think you don’t have much to offer, think again. Often we don’t witness as we should because we’re afraid we don’t have all the answers. We don’t volunteer for church ministry because we’re afraid we can’t do it as well as another. But the Lord isn’t looking for giants with gleaming armaments. He’s looking for a few people who will trust Him, gather a handful of stones, and tackle the devil with a slingshot in the name of the Lord God of the armies of Israel.
That can be you!

The greatest ability is avail-ability

courtesy of David Jeremiah, Turning Point Ministries


goofball said...


just came randomly on this blog... When reading this post, it reminded me of someone pointing out to me that in Marcus 16, vs 15-16 Jezus first tells them that their faith isn't big (enough) but nevertheless immediately afterwards he sends them out to witness.

hmm tough one!


caldjr said...

thanks for the thoughts Ellen. Its true, Jesus sends us out just as we are and we will only succeed if we do it all in His strength. Sadly this is where the Church has gone so wrong because people try to use their own ideas etc and none of it is from God. We only need the tiniest bit of faith and that is enough for God to work with and use to His glory.
Good to have you on board.

goofball said...

It's challenging but also reassuring, isn't it?

Can you specify your sentice on "this is where the Church has gone so wrong..."?? I don't quite get what you are trying to get across.

Personally I am convinced that it's impossible not to have somewhat an "own" interpretation and calling when reading the bible. It explains why there are so many Christian churches, groups, etc... And I think that is fine to have some differences as long as we all get inspired by His Word, His Love and when we let God work with us. It's hard or impossible to judge someone else's heart and it is not our task.

caldjr said...

I probably should have used a small 'c' for church. Its the factions who call themselves church but infact are doing completely their own thing. I think you've actually answered the question by saying "as long as we all get inspired by His Word, His Love and when we let God work with us" and also by your follow up comment about not being able or meant to judge someone else's heart. That is sooo the key to it all. There are people - yes even in church leadership - who try to second guess God and even play God when dealing with both sensitive personal, and mainstream issues. I won't go into details here but hopefully you get what I'm going on about. Yes, its true that we can so easily put our own spin on Bible texts - we wouldn't be human if we didn't do that. However, when we come to preach the Word, provided we have prayed to God before, during and after our prep, and before our delivery, then we should be safe in the knowledge that He will guide and use our words and thoughts.