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17 August 2006

Comment Moderation

Just a quick post to say that following some unwelcome anonymous spam comments on this blog, I have had to enable the comment moderation facility. This means that I will see all comments before they appear online. This is simply an attempt to block unwelcome and pointless spam rubbish from appearing on this Christian site. It does not mean I will stop any comments if you don't agree with me on something - I welcome healthy discussion. I just want to stop random people posting links to pages that I don't even want to think about let alone be taken to. All comments received that relate to the blog entry or to the lives of my family and I, will be posted, unedited, at the first available opportunity.
I'm sorry about this and hope it won't spoil the opportunity to enter discussions on this site. I'll disable the moderation option at an appropriate time and we will hopefully get back to normal.
Blessings to all our friends out there.
D, C-A & K

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