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27 July 2006

We're in! Moving update.

Sorry, its been a while since I last blogged but we've had a bit of a time of it lately. You will know from previous posts that we had to move out of our house a week before we could get into our new house. Well that happened and we had a good week at our friends house in Perth. During that week, we also celebrated Kathryn's first birthday - some photos of that will follow when I get them sorted. We spent a fun morning at Noahs Ark play centre in Perth and Granny and Nanny both joined in the fun.

Then problems started again! On the Thursday evening I went to get my work van to take some things through to a garage in Glenrothes. I got 200m from the building and it stopped and failed to start again!! Ended up being towed to a nearby garage and, as we've subsequently discovered, the Fuel Injection System has died and over £1000 will be spent - oh happy day (not)! So, this meant I had to go and hire a van on the Friday morning - just managed to get one and infact, got a bigger van than the work one so we could actually do the move in one journey. From that point, all went well apart from having to take part of an interior door trim off in order to get our new wardrobe into the bedroom!!

So with a house full of boxes, we set to unpacking and still are working on that quest!! Have discovered one electrical problem with the house in that the landing light has to be on for all the bedroom lights to work!! That explained why there was no bulb in the landing light!! Thankfully, our solicitor believes thats something that the previous owners are liable for so we wait! Apart from that, the house is great with very little to do apart from cosmetic stuff.

Oh - one other thing. Last Sunday morning, we got Kathryn up and found loads of spots on her. Yes, just a few days after her first birthday, Kathryn has the Chicken Pox! So we didn't get to go to Church that morning - we were looking forward to being able to walk to Church but never mind, there will be other Sundays. So we have a very spotty little one who now also has 4 teeth. All adds up with the recent heat to a few grumpy moments from Kathryn and the potential for a major share holding in Calpol and Medised!

Off to unpack some more boxes now!!

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