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12 July 2006

Good mood, bad mood. good mood. bad mood, okay mood, better mood

The title kind of sums up the last 24 hours. I knew house move chains could be stressful but aaaagghh!! House move sorted, house move not sorted and so on. So here's the latest news!

the people buying our house got a bit pinikity and there was a lot of messing around last weekend but all seemed sorted after a bit of wheeling and dealing on Monday.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we went to sign all the paperwork only to find that the people we are buying from had requested a delay in completion of one week. Not a good request. We knew that if we asked our purchasers to delay by a week they may have just said forget the whole thing. The delay was said to be because the woman's sons were no longer available to help her move. So, we offered to move her simply for a donation to The Salvation Army. A flat 'no' was received along with something about work required in her new house. So we had a very bad evening and not much sleep.

Today, our solicitor played hardball and stressed the fact that we had to complete this Friday and would be left homeless if the Glenrothes house was not available. Still a negative response. However, in the meantime, we had made arrangements to stay with C-A's grandad in Perth for a week. So we agreed to complete the sale of our house this Friday as arranged and then buy the Glenrothes next Friday, living in Perth for the week in between (are you keeping up with all this!!) Then, someone C-A works with, Louise, offered us her house for a week as she is keeping an eye on a friends house and could stay there. That would mean we could still have our own space for a week and not get under her Grandad's feet. She too stays in Perth.

So its all sorted (I think). Trouble is, with all the hassle last night we did no more packing so are now a night behind schedule! Could be 2 late nights coming up. Taking some stuff to Glenrothes to store in a friends garage and the rest will go to my work on Friday. Oh what fun!!

I think thats you up to date now. If you've kept up with this posting then I suggest you now go and have a little lie down to recover!


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