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13 July 2006

Defining success in ministry

I have previously referred to comments from Rick Warren found in his weekly ministry toolbox (access it through http://www.pastors.com). One contributor to this weeks communication is David Stark, exec director of "Changing Church" and author of "Christ based Leadership". He asks whether 'leaders' in the church are facing burnout. If so, he encourages a redefining of how they judge success in their ministry. Its a great article adapted from his book and you can read it at http://www.pastors.com/RWMT/default.asp?id=267&artid=9615&expand=1

His basic point is that Church Leaders are there to build the church, not themselves, and that many people have really good intentions in all they do but because they focus on getting the work done and not on equipping others to do the work, they hit burn out and the church suffers. Its another angle on the priesthood of all believers thing. He addresses pastors directly saying:

God's plan for your church is for you - as the pastor - to be the administer and for your people to be the ministers.

At a previous church of mine, if any new project or ministry was discussed, the first point was "will this need the Officer (church leader) to be present in order to run effectively". If the answer was yes, then the discussion went no further. The Officer/Pastor should be there to chaplain/pastor the events not just to run them. Obviously things like Alpha, Bible Study etc should be mainly down to them but again, using those with the right gifts to lead as appropriate. God has gifted all us in some way and we should all look to our giftings and follow God's leading in order to use them as we should be - to bring glory to Him and not ourselves.

So sit back and read the article - I'm not on commission by the way! So, to my Pastor friends - please don't burn out.

love and blessings


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