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23 May 2006

When its best to say nothing

The former Dan nearly appeared again. Not good. Was told that we were not going to be allowed to preach or lead worship at another Corps in another Division (won't say where to avoid offending anyone). A senior leader had blocked the Corps approach to us because of events that happened 3 1/2 years ago. Shame really cos God's forgiven us. Anyway, the old Dan wanted to phone this guy up and give him a piece of my mind. But the new Dan took over and calmed him down, to the extent that I wrote a letter. Then I didn't know whether to post it or not. Showed C-A who suggested removing a sentence that was a bit hardline. Did that - still wasn't sure. Showed Chris who seemed to agree with what I was trying to say but pointed out that whilst a letter can be written calmly, someone else can read it in a different tone and get offended. So, the upshot of it is that I'm not sending the letter - I'm just going to let the situation lie. There's 17 other Divisions we can preach in! The main point is that we know God's saving grace on our lives and constantly praise Him for it. We wouldn't be the same without Him.
Just need to publicly say here to Chris - thanks pal for helping to keep the new Dan to the fore this weekend.


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