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23 May 2006


Spent a weekend at Gartmore House recently at TSA's Lay Brengle Conference. This was kind of an experiment weekend as the usual Officer Brengle Course lasts 10 days whereas this first ever normal persons course lasted just a weekend! The team led by Major Mel Jones (Principal at TSAs William Booth Training College) was fantastic. I had my knowledge of Holiness expanded and strengthened throughout the weekend and learnt a lot more about how TSA got into a holiness ministry in the first place. Will post a lot more about this essential of Christian Living on here soon as I'm still working through a few things in my head.

One major thing for me this weekend was that it was the first time I had been away from C-A and Kathryn. The former Dan would not have been bothered by this but this new Dan was. I really wish we could have all shared the time together. But I think, well, I know, that God had a cunning plan. Whilst I was a little down and missing my family, He was using the opportunity to get me to be still before Him. To basically shut up talking and spend time listening to Him! Songs and prayers flowed through my heart and soul. Gods plan was accomplished.

The weekend really reawakened my desire to bring holiness and salvation to a lost world and through the ministry of music He has laid on my heart, I will try to further this. One song written over the weekend and others started. Will publish here soon as.....


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